Glacier Pro.

Secure collaboration and device privacy for organizations.

How it works.

Private & Obfuscated.

We use strong cryptography to ensure your conversations stay private. Even we are unable to read you messages.
Instantly launch an encrypted collaboration network to protect your devices and sensitive conversations.


Messaging, Voice, & Video

Private conversations with state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption

No Phone Numbers or Email

Accounts are anonymous and temporary

File Sharing

Files are compressed, encrypted, and obfuscated

Disappearing messages

Keep message history tidy

Admin Controls

Web management console

Multiple Devices

Sync conversations across multiple devices

Core VPN features.

Glacier's cloud based immutable VPN infrastructure is launched unique for each organization. Glacier controls change across multiple system dimensions in order to increase uncertainty for attackers, reduce their window of opportunity, increase the costs of their attack efforts, and keep end user devices anonymous.

One tap protection.

Data leaving your device is encrypted and exits a temporary server
Block malware.

Blocks unwanted content with daily blacklist updates
Strong Crypto.

Does not support legacy cipher suites or protocols
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