Glacier Guardian

Hardened and Encrypted Phones.

The highest level of security.

Glacier devices are designed to protect ultra sensitive communications for high risk individuals and organizations.

Why use a Glacier phone?

Reduce the attack surface

Mass-market smartphones, tablets and laptops are designed to make connections to public and private communication networks simple, easy and seamless. This convenience comes with the trade-off of reduced security and privacy. Whenever a device connects to a network it becomes vulnerable to security flaws in that network.  These flaws can enable compromise of the device as well as interception of communications to and from the device.

While encryption helps, and ought to be standard operating practice, mobile phones, tablets and laptops are designed to transmit sensitive and private information openly on the Internet. Information leakage is a risk even on cellular networks.  Any network communication has the risk of being monitored and invites infiltration of the communication device.

Guardian devices allow you to work in nations throughout the world with confidence that your associations, communications, data, devices, and intellectual property are secure and protected.

Unique Networks

Glacier provisions a secure network for each device. All connections to this device are anonymous and secure. Devices do not share networks with other customers. Attribution of who is using the Glacier network and where it is being used is concealed, helping to maintain user anonymity.

Glacier devices establish encrypted connections to their provisioned Glacier network. Messages, calls, files, and web traffic are encrypted the moment they leave the device. As data transits the Glacier network it is secured with multiple layers of industry standard encryption, including end-to-end encryption. Data intended to be private is kept private.

Trust Glacier

The Glacier solution is created by a team of experienced security professionals who know first-hand the challenge and value of a secure device. The Glacier team is prepared to work with clients to understand and solve their unique security and privacy needs.

Glacier allows us to work in nations throughout the world with confidence our associations, communications and devices are protected.
Honeywell Aerospace
Glacier for smartphones and tablets
Text, Video, and calling.

End-to-End encrypted messaging, voice calls, video calls and file sharing in a secured private enclave for your most sensitive conversations.
Zero Trust.

End-to-end encrypted, zero-knowledge content collaboration designed to safeguard digital valuables with the highest classification in the cloud.
Threat Intelligence.

Unparalleled visibility into devices, apps, networks, and OS firmware to detect emerging threats with high fidelity.
Cellular data plans.

Fully managed, secure and anonymous global cellular plans to keep you connected across the world.
Secure hardware.

Hardened and secured protection fortifies your data on both iPhone and Android devices, ensuring top-notch security and privacy for your valuable digital information.
Global calling and SMS

Make and receive calls and SMS text messages safely and privately across the globe through Glacier's secure network.
Streamline executive travel with pre-configured encrypted phone kits. Stay connected with staff and partners seamlessly while prioritizing the highest level of privacy and security.
Glacier breaks the typical supply chain attack sequence by replacing the smartphone operating system with altOS.

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