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Streamline executive travel with encrypted phone kits.

Tailored for business leaders on the move,

our kits ensure effortless secure communication during your journeys. Stay connected with staff and partners seamlessly while prioritizing the highest level of privacy and security.

About Glacier Executive Communication Kits

The Ultimate Covert Smartphone kit by Glacier

Discover the unparalleled security and communication solution offered by Glacier's encrypted phone kits. Each step of the phone procurement, build, and delivery process is meticulously overseen and protected by Glacier's team of security experts. Elite former US government cyber security professionals uniquely configure each secure phone, ensuring the utmost privacy and security, and Glacier security agents hand-deliver these devices to clients worldwide.

Glacier's encrypted phone kits encompass:

  1. 5, 10 or 20 packs of iPhone or Google Pixel secured in custom travel case
  2. Ultra premium low profile cases
  3. Signal cutting faraday privacy sleeves
  4. Untraceable calling and SMS text messaging from any corner of the globe
  5. Invisible signature achieved through various obfuscation techniques
  6. Direct access to Glacier advisors

Reduce the attack surface

Elevate the security of your executive leadership team during their travels with Glacier encrypted phone kits. Unlike mainstream devices, Glacier prioritizes the unique security needs of executives on the move, minimizing the attack surface and fortifying the protection of sensitive information. Our solution acknowledges the trade-off between convenience and security, ensuring that your leadership team can communicate seamlessly without compromising privacy.

Ready to deploy

In the realm of executive travel, Glacier's dedicated network for each device stands out. Your team can enjoy anonymous and secure connections, free from the risks associated with sharing networks with other users. Maintaining user anonymity is a top priority, and Glacier's encrypted connections guarantee that messages, calls, files, and web traffic are shielded with multiple layers of industry-standard encryption, including robust end-to-end encryption. Your leadership team's private data remains confidential throughout its journey on the Glacier network.

Superior security at a affordable price point

Glacier travel kits start at $5,500 (USD) per month for 5 iPhones or Android devices.

All executive phone kits are customized to your organizations specific use case and needs and operate in even the most sophisticated cyber threat environments.  Every phone is ready for deployment with global cellular**.

* Due to US Export laws, you must be a US citizen or qualified individual / entity to purchase these devices and services.

* Global cellular services are contingent upon the availability of cellular connectivity in specific regions. It is important to note that certain areas around the world may experience low-quality cellular signals or, in some cases, lack cellular coverage altogether.

Glacier ensures our global operations with confidence, protecting our executive teams' associations, communications, and devices across international borders.
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