Honeywell announces GoSecure Comms with Glacier Mobility Suite

Today at the AUSA Annual Meeting, Honeywell introduces GoSecure Comms with Glacier Mobility Suite, an ultra-secure mobile platform connectivity with quantum-hardened encryption that conceals data, preserves privacy, and outpaces traditional VPNs. It's the future of high-stakes, low-overhead data security.‍

In an age where data security is paramount, the need for impenetrable encrypted communications has never been greater. Whether you're transmitting sensitive information across land, sea, or air, Honeywell is proud to introduce the ultimate solution. GoSecure Comms, part of the Cabin Sentinel Suite, is a secure encrypted tunnel for moving platforms across all domains, utilizing a zero-trust architecture for enhanced, untraceable connectivity in high vulnerability environments.

Command & Control

In military operations, secure and real-time communication is paramount. GoSecure Comms ensures that operators can transmit mission-critical information securely and obfuscated data transit, preventing interception by hostile forces. It maintains the integrity of location data, safeguarding troop movements and identity in insecure operating locations.

Autonomous Vehicles

Military drones and unmanned vehicles rely on data connectivity for surveillance and reconnaissance. Quantum-hardened encryption ensures that data streams from these devices remain confidential, preventing enemy forces from intercepting or interfering with critical intelligence.

Secure Logistics

In military logistics, the timely and secure delivery of supplies, ammunition, and equipment is crucial. GoSecure Comms can be used to protect communications related to supply chain operations, ensuring that critical resources reach the front lines securely and efficiently, even in contested environments.

Learn more at AUSA Annual Meeting

Honeywell will be demonstrating GoSecure Comms at the AUSA Annual Meeting booth 6841, 9-11 October in Washington DC.

April 18, 2021
Team Glacier