The trusted communications platform

Messages, Calls, SMS, VPN, Device Management and Threat Detection.

The trusted secure messenger.

 Glacier provides secure end-to-end encrypted messaging, global external calling, VPN and more. Built specifically for enterprise, government and high risk individuals.

Endpoint security.

 Glacier protects your smartphone and tablet from compromise and device security misconfigurations.


Secure Messaging

End-to-end encrypted messaging and calls with external calling, virtual numbers and SMS

No Phone Numbers or Email

Accounts are anonymous and temporary

File Sharing

Files are compressed, encrypted, and obfuscated

Security Hub

Mobile endpoint security

Admin Controls

Web management console

Multiple Devices

Sync conversations across multiple devices

Privacy features.

Glacier controls change across multiple system dimensions in order to increase uncertainty for attackers, reduce their window of opportunity, increase the costs of their attack efforts, and keep end user devices anonymous.

One tap protection.

Data leaving your device is encrypted and exits a temporary server

Block malware.

Blocks unwanted content with daily blacklist updates

Strong Crypto.

End-to-end encrypted calling and messaging

Compare features.

Encrypted phone
Messaging & Voice
End-to-End Encrypted
Voice and Video Calls
Audio Messages
Ephemeral Messages (message timers)
Read Receipts
Status Updates
Location Sharing
Global External Calling
Virtual Phone Numbers
Global SMS with Multiple Virtual Numbers
Data & Security
Device Threat Protection
Contact Verification
Screenshot Blocking
Security Hub with Alerts
Obfuscated Mobile VPN
Hardened iOS, Android, or AltOS Device
Global Cellular Data (200+ destinations)
App Vetting & Deployment
Advanced Privacy Protection
Email Support
Phone Support
Response Time (SLA)
Response Time (SLA)
Support can help you troubleshoot issues you run into while using Glacier. Get support via email.
With Pro, get a 24-hour SLA and M-F web and phone support.
With Guardian, get everything in Pro plus your own Account Manager and more.
Starting at $10/user
Let's Talk
Let's Talk
Glacier offered us more than an application, it's a world-class service that's given us peace of mind with our sensitive communications.
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