Comms for Organizations: Comparing Signal to Glacier for Enhanced Device Management and Privacy

This blog explores how Glacier, designed specifically for organizations, addresses these pain points. The Glacier app offers a solution without the reliance on personal identifiable information (PII) like phone numbers, enabling robust group management, diverse communication channels, enhanced security measures, and extensive administrative control.

Signal has long been hailed as the gold standard for individual privacy. However, when it comes to managing group communications within organizations, leadership teams, governments and more, a more enterprise solution is required. Tailored specifically for entities that necessitate seamless group management devoid of personal identifiable information (PII) like phone numbers, Glacier Chat presents an alternative to Signal as well as other messaging apps like Wickr and Telegram.

The Multi User Management Conundrum

Running communication teams and managing groups efficiently is a daunting task, especially when considering the limitations of traditional platforms like Signal. While Signal's commitment to end-to-end encryption is commendable, its structure primarily caters to individual users, creating hurdles for organizations seeking robust administrative control and a broader spectrum of features.

Enter Glacier Chat: Secure Organizational Communication

Glacier Chat app mirrors Signal's commitment to privacy and security, but it's meticulously crafted for organizational needs. Here's a breakdown of how Glacier Chat app's features stack up against Signal, addressing the pain points faced by communication team leaders:

1. Eliminating PII Dependency

Signal's reliance on phone numbers for user identification poses challenges for organizations, especially in scenarios where anonymity is crucial. The Glacier Chat app circumvents this obstacle by providing user management without tying accounts to personal phone numbers, offering a higher degree of privacy and flexibility.

2. Enhanced User Management

Glacier’s intuitive interface allows administrators to effortlessly manage large groups of users, implement customizable permissions, and facilitate smooth communication flows among team members without compromising on security.

3. Diverse Communication Channels

While Signal primarily focuses on messaging, the Glacier Chat app extends its capabilities beyond encrypted messaging, incorporating features like external calling, SMS integration, and VPN support. This diverse communication suite makes it a one-stop solution for all organizational needs.

4. Robust Security Measures

Both Signal and Glacier Chat prioritize security, but Glacier Chat app augments its offerings with additional layers of protection. Its built-in threat protection mechanisms protect against potential cyber threats, providing peace of mind to communication team leaders.

5. Admin Controls and Customization

Glacier empowers administrators with granular control over settings, user roles, and group management. This customization allows for tailored communication structures that align precisely with organizational requirements.


While Signal remains the standard in secure messaging for individuals, Glacier emerges as a solution for organizations grappling with pain points related to mobile communication. For those seeking a blend of privacy, security, and extensive administrative control, Glacier Chat stands as a great option. Book a demo with our team to see if Glacier is the right solution for your organization.

April 18, 2021
Team Glacier