Glacier for Legal Services.

Ultimate solution for attorney-client privilege.

Managed Services & Features.

Text & Calling.
End-to-End encrypted messaging, voice calls, video calls, and file sharing in a secured private enclave for your most sensitive conversations.
Secure Files.
End-to-end encrypted, zero-knowledge case files, memos and contracts. Eliminate risky email attachments and text messages.
Client Protection.
Increases uncertainty for attackers, reduces window of opportunity, increases cost of attack and keeps user clients safe anonymous.
Data breaches and cyber threats targeting law firms are a major professional responsibility and liability threat facing the legal profession.
American Bar Association
Law firm threat statistics
  • 23%
    reported that their firms had experienced a security breach
  • 41%
    reported loss of billable hours due to consequences of data breaches
  • 40%
    reported infections with viruses, spyware or malware
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